Photo credits (top left to bottom right): Anna Potter, Eva Woolridge (, Samantha Deitch, my mom.

About me



GIA certified diamond grader, 20 years of international jewelry collecting experience, have been taught metalsmithing by: Borislav Goynatsky, Olivia Michaels, Sunim Choi, David Watkins, Robert Kulicke, Robert Streppone.


My Story

I didn’t grow up with family heirlooms filled with history. Both sets of my grandparents had brass wedding band sets for years before they could afford gold ones.

I have a few pieces of jewelry that made the trip from Croatia to America with us when I was 7 years old in 1991.

Most of the pieces were given to me when I was born - small, intricate charms from my grandmothers, aunt, or godmother that they saved up to buy for my birthdays.

These amulets kept me linked back to Croatia and my family during the years trips back weren’t possible, for a variety of reasons. I treasure them deeply.

I started making jewelry in my teens and I’ve been working with gold and silver for the last decade. I studied architecture and, for me, creating jewelry is a way to create architecture for the body.

I’m passionate about all types of jewelry - vintage, costume, all gold alloys, endlessly interested in stone cuts and casting or soldering techniques. Ask me all your questions. There’s nothing I love more than a good jewelry chat and helping someone create or find what they are seeking.