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14k Yellow Gold Rolo Chain (aka Belcher Chain)

14k Yellow Gold Rolo Chain (aka Belcher Chain)

Each link of a classic rolo chain is a perfect circle. It's one of the most versatile and durable chains. It's believed it originated from 19th century Britain and was often used on pocket watch chains -  a true testament to the strength of this type of link. This type of chain is also sometimes called a Belcher chain, derived from a famous English boxer, James Belcher, who was renowned for his unique and flamboyant style, these chains have a distinct link design that is named after him. During the Victorian era, these chains were highly sought after for their symbolism of eternal love and were often gifted with a personalized locket or pendant. 


- process: I keep this new chain in stock because I think it's hard to find new and high quality gold chains that are also affordable and well designed. 
- materials: 14k yellow gold links; apprx 2.4mm with a sturdy lobster clasp
- dimensions: 18" or 20" (choose your ideal length below - 20" is a good length for mens chains)
- all measurements are approximate

Please reach out with questions! Since jewelry is a tactile extension of the body, shopping for it online can be elusive. I'm here to help.

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