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Vintage 10k Solid Gold almost 24" Foxtail Chain (for MJ)

Vintage 10k Solid Gold almost 24" Foxtail Chain (for MJ)

A looong almost 24" three dimensional chain with nearly no wear. A super long length to find for the melt pile! Similar to a foxtail or franco chain. If you've been following my curations for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of 10 karat gold because of its durability and affordability. I took many pictures in various lighting since the 3d dimension of this necklace is hard to capture!

The chain is the longer of the two chains in the last picture.


- process: This chain was saved from the gold melt pile. I loved the high glam factor and proportions. 10k gold in the melt pile is rare but a great affordable option for gold these days, as gold pricing is at an all time high. Folks sometimes sell their gold and there are often hidden treasures in the melt pile.
- solid 10k yellow gold (hallmarked)
- size: just over 23.75" long
- all measurements and weights are approximate

Please reach out with questions! Since jewelry is a tactile extension of the body, shopping for it online can be elusive. I'm here to help.

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